Has It Really Been That Long??

I started this blog in October of 2010. I made two posts and some how I forgot about it. Since then, my oldest son, Buddy Bear, has learned to read. Yes READ!!! He’s only 4 but he reads everything! Including the cereal box! My second son, Happy Bear, is a walking hurricane. He loves making a mess, as only a 1 year old can do. We have also added a new bear to the den. He doesn’t have a bear name yet, he’s working on that. The one thing I can say is that he is very stinky!! Adorable, but stinky.

We also have 5 outdoor cats.  We had two cats, Kit & Kat, who disappeared.  I miss those cats.  They were great mousers.  But, we had Bob.  Bob is a stray that we couldn’t get rid of.  She just wouldn’t go away.  And, yes, I said she.  Bob is a girl.  And she has no tail.  That is why we call her Bob.  Bob had a little litter before Kit & Kat went missing.  These two Buddy Bear named Squeezy & Didi.  They are all black and, like thair mom, have no tail.  Well, Didi has a very short tail.  Then Bob went and got herself knocked-up again.  This time she had 3 kittens, but the one with a tail died.  So now we have Speck & Tiger who also have no tails.  That makes 5 cats.  We live in the country-ish so having mousers is a must!  Especially in a 100+ year old house.

Also in that time, my husband, Honey Bear, has changed jobs 2 times.  I think he is finally in the place he needs to be and I am so happy to have him. No matter what life brings us.


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