Prime Rib

The Honey Bear loves food. He is not a foodie in the tradtional sense. He would rather have down home food or something for a whole-in-the-wall kind of place. Unpretentious food is his favorite, like most of the places on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. His favorite thing to eat is sandwiches and he will make anything into a sandwich, including spaghetti.  The first time I saw him do this I thought he was crazy, then I learned that I was right.  He is crazy about his food and truely enjoys eating.

One thing that he always orders when available is prime rib. Now, I was not a big steak eater before I met him.  I would order a steak practically burnt and then choke it down because it was so dry.  No flavor, no juices.  Just tastless, almost burnt meat.  Because of Honey Bear, I learned to eat my steaks a little less burnt, then a little less burnt, then finally stopped at medium.  But last night I had my first taste of prime rib.  I got the recipe from The Pioneer Woman.  I’m not afraid to cook or bake.  I just jump right in and making this prime rib was no different.  It was so much easier to make than I had ever imagined.  And oh was it good!  I mean, this puppy is going in our rotation good.

Because it’s really just my husband and I eating the majority of any meal, we had plenty for leftovers today.  So what did the Honey Bear do after church?  He took a hamburger bun and made himself a prime rib sandwich complete with horseradish.  And I’m sure that he will make another for dinner and if there is any left, a late night snack too.  Thank you PW for posting your effortless, delicious recipe!  My husband’s tummy thanks you!


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