Happy is as Happy does

This is Happy.

He is a funny little guy.  He is the absolute happiest child on the planet… unless he is mad, then he is really angry.  There is no in between with him.  Happy is also a picky eater.  If it doesn’t have a sweet taste to it, he turns his nose at it.  So I have to get a little creative with what I feed him.  I keep honey on hand to dip chicken into, I even put it in the peas.  (I love honeyed peas.)  One of our favorite things to make is Russian Pork.  It is sweet but packs in the protein.  Some nights when I feel less stressed I refuse to give him anything that has a sweet taste.

The other night we had pizza for dinner so I took a piece and cut it up for him.  He was having none of it.  (On a side note, he is not a fan of cheese.  He spits it out every single time, but I know eventually he will come around.  Buddy Bear was the same way.  It just took him a while to like it.)  I tried to give him his pizza, but instead he was pointing at something else, getting very excited about it too.  It took me a minute to figure out what he was “asking” for.  He wanted my pizza, not his.  So I gave him a bite.  Low and behold he ate it, and wanted more!!  So I fed him a piece of supreme pizza as a slice instead of it being cut up.  He ate almost two slices that night.  Then, Sunday night we had pizza again.  Again, he wanted my pizza, cheese and all.  Again, he ate it without complaint.  I guess that shows me to cut up his pizza again!  The little turkey!

Happy also had another adventure this weekend.  Happy is only 16 months old, but he has always been a dream to put to bed.  Literally, we just lay him down, give him is pacifier and his blanket and he does the rest.  We have never rocked him to sleep because Buddy Bear requires alot of attention at bed time and we just didn’t have time for it.  Two days each week Happy goes to a Moms-Day-Out program, we just call it play school.  They did something a little different with him the other day.  They rocked him to sleep and layed him on a mat to take his nap.  They said his did great!!  He is also a climber, but has yet to figure out how to climb out of his crib.   Well, mommy and daddy decided to do something silly.  We put him in a toddler bed last night thinking he may be ready for it.  WRONG!!  Boy were we very, very wrong.  He liked the bed, but couldn’t understand that he needed to stay in the bed so he could sleep instead of getting up and playing with toys.  It was just a game for him.  So tonight, after about 45 minutes of putting him back into his bed, we had to admit that he was nowhere near ready for the toddler bed and put him back in his crib.  Now our night is back to normal and all the kids are alseep.

I’m a happy mommy now. 🙂


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