Oops! I did it again!

Ok, let’s try this one more time.  I’ve tried to start blogging twice before and it quickly got forgotten amongst the hustle and bustle of kids, cooking, cleaning, laundry, and well, life in general.  When I left y’all last I had three kids.  All boys.  And they certainly are all boy.  Each one of them.  Happy and Huggy like to bite each other.  I guess that’s what happens when you have two very close in age that are still teething.  We had our in ground pool removed last summer.  It was becoming more of a safety concern for me since we were about to have four little pairs of feet for me to chase after and watch in the yard.  It did have a fence, and my oldest did have safety swimming lessons from ISR, but I would rather not have that worry in my life. Besides, maintain a pool is not cheap.  So it had to go.  Naturally, the boys had to watch the skid steer as it was tearing apart the concrete and ripping out the pool liner.  They were practically glued to the windows for the entire month.


Happy and Buddy watching the pool being ripped out.

 Now we have the newest addition of Goldilocks.  But she has black hair.  So she’s not really a goldilocks yet.  She may never be a Goldilocks.  Ahh!  Then again, so did all the boys had black hair when they were born.  But she has more hair than they did.  She, like her next oldest brother Huggy, was a surprise.  We decided not to find out what we were having with any of them.  We are strange that way.  So it was even more of a surprise when our pile of blue and brown and green laundry suddenly had pink and purple and ruffles and bows and hearts.  Did you know that you can get over loaded on pink really quickly?  Seriously!  Enough with all the pink already!!  Can we try some other colors please?  Anyway, Buddy knew from the beginning it was a girl.  He had it right every time.  I’ll never forget when we were expecting Happy.  I asked if he had any idea what he was getting, a baby brother or a baby sister.  He said a baby brother.  I asked how he knew and he told me that while he was drinking his milk God told him he was going to have a little brother.  I about fell out of my seat!!  He even went into a deeper voice to say it!  Love it!  And Happy is very protective of her.  For the longest time he didn’t want anyone other than mommy and daddy doing anything with her.  Huggy took a little longer to warm up to her.  I expected that since they are only 11 1/2 months apart.  Now he loves to kiss her and hug her and sit on her.  She takes it well.  She won’t have any trouble holding her own.


Happy little Goldilocks

Now if I can get this house clean, like that is going to happen with four small kids running around.  “Cleaning a house while the kids are around is like shoveling snow in a blizzard. ”  I have no idea who to credit that to, or if that is even the exact quote, but it applies.

Mama Bear


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