Pop-Tart Love

How do you eat Pop-Tarts? Do you dive in and just eat away? Do you break it apart and eat it in sections? Do you nibble the edge off then attack the center? My favorite are the strawberry frosted and I don’t eat them in any of the previous ways. Well, not always. But before I tell you how I eat them, I’m going to tell you a little story.

This is a love story. It’s not overly sappy (I hope) so no need to get your insulin injections ready. The bear and I met while marching in a grown-up drum & bugle corps, the Atlanta CorpsVets. We had rehearsal every other weekend in a small town in north Georgia and the bear and I happen to be staying at the same persons house. We decided to take a trip to the store one evening to get some groceries. As we were driving, the conversation some how turned to Pop-Tarts and I started to describe how I eat them. (This may not have been the exact conversation, but it’s pretty darn close.)

Me – “I love Pop-Tarts. But I don’t eat them like normal people do.”

Him -“Oh. How do you eat them?”

Me – “First, you have to nibble off the edge. Who likes the dry part anyway?”

Him -“Oh yeah. Get rid of that part first.”

Me – “Then, you have to be really careful now…”

Him -“Then you slide the two sides apart…

Me – “Yes”

Him -“Careful not to break them.”

Me – “Yes.”

Him -“Then eat the two sides putting the filling…”

Me – “Tongue side down! Oh my goodness! You do not eat them the same way!!!”

The whole time I’m telling him this he is looking at me, knowing what I was about to say next. He already knew what I was about to say! He let me babble on, the entire time my eyes growing wider and wider. Who the heck eats them this way!?! Apparently he does. And I do.

But that’s not the complete story. The next weekend I visited with my mom. While I was there I told her about our odd Pop-Tart eating style. Then her response kind of shocked me.

“Honey, Pop-Tarts don’t mean love.”

“Mom, I never said it did?”

Now, almost 10 years later, I can’t eat a Pop-Tart without thinking about those two conversations. Then I look across the table and see those four little sets of eyes and I just smile. I smile because those little eyes love Pop-Tarts. And I love those little eyes.

So, you see, Pop-Tarts do mean love mom.


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