Hey!  How’ve you been?  I’ve been absent for a few days.  Let me tell  you what happened.  You see, this here laptop, the one I’m using to write this here post on, well, I usually keep it next to my chair in the living room for the after bedtime kid-free hours.  The bear and I are strange in that we will both surf the net in the same room.  Feet away from each other.  Literally feet away.  Our feet are usually propped on the ottoman, touching or within reach of each other. (Aww!)   He may really be doing some late night work, but I surf.  I hang out on Facebook, read a few blogs, look at sewing patterns that I so want to make but haven’t the time.  And I get totally sucked into Pinterest.  That place is like a black hole!  Get too close and BAM! it’s two hours later.

Well, the other day I took my computer to the library desk to do something, I don’t remember what, and it sat there.  And sat there.  And sat there.  And sat there.  Until the battery power ran out a day or two later.  And you know what?  It was nice to not surf or have a computer in my lap for a while.  I liked actually watching shows with my hubby instead of having them on in the back ground.  I also didn’t have the urge to pick up this machine during the day when the kids start to bore me.  What?!  Your kids don’t bore you sometimes?!?  Sorry, but I can only do the same 10 puzzles so many times some days.  I did have my phone on me so I wasn’t totally cut off.

Any who.  I did a few things during these several days off-line that I will post about really super-duper soon.  Promise!  Pinky swear!


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