Call Me Captain… A Tutorial

One of the things that I love to do is sew.  Right after high school I bought my first (and only) sewing machine.  It got some minor use those first few years.  I tried to throw myself in to making a quilt, but I never finished it and finally threw it out several years ago.  Once, I had to hem something, and instead of putting in on a table like a normal person, I set it up on my living room floor.  I plopped myself on the floor, using my knee push the peddle.  My roommate at the time never even thought to remind me that we had a perfectly useful table not 10 feet away.  I think she liked to laugh at some of the things I would do.  Hey, I’m here to please!  Any who, I like sewing.  I find it calming.  Even when my project is difficult and makes me frustrated, I love sewing.

Just before my week long hiatus, Buddy and Happy discovered the child sized apron in the pantry.  They then proceeded to wear it like a cape.  I love their imaginations!  Running around like little superheroes.  Love it!  While this was cute, all I could see was someone getting seriously hurt.  Besides, there was only one apron and three boys trying to wear it all at once.  Thus enters the sewing machine.  I had seen several patterns on Pinterest for capes and decided to make some for the boys.  Enter a trip to wally world to get some supplies.

– Satiny fabric for front in 3 colors – 3/4 yrd each
– Satiny fabric for backing – 1 1/2 yrd
– Small amount of a silver fabric – 1/8 yrd
– Velcro

Soon I was whipping up some little capes for my little superheroes.  I didn’t use a pattern, I just kind of went with what felt right.  Rebel, I know.  I cut their initials out of the silver fabric and used a paper template that I made.  Then I placed the top fabric on the backing lining up the corners and sides.  Cut the extra backing fabric and save for other capes.  Then cut both pieces of fabric at the same time along the fold.  This will give you two “capes”.   I saved the second backing for another cape.  Remember, I’m making 3 capes.  Also, be sure to press your fabric first.  It will come home very, very wrinkly.

Now, with both pieces still together, fold in half long ways.  From here decide which end will be the top.  Cut a very, very gentile curve starting from about 6″ down the side to about half way to the fold.  This creates the neck of the cape.  Keeping the cape folded, cut another curve across the entire bottom starting about 4-6″ up from the bottom.  Keep the scrap top fabric that you just cut off, this will become the tabs for wearing the cape.  Now to attach the letters.  I used a temporary spray adhesive to keep the letters in place while stitched.  I probably should have used some kind of stabilizer, but remember, rebel.  This did make the cape and letters pucker a little, but I wasn’t worried about perfection.  These boys needed some capes ASAP!!

Do you still have that scrap top fabric I told you to keep?  This is where you need it.  Cut a strip about 3″ high along the longest side so you’ll have a strip about 3″ x 16″ or more.  Fold in half and sew a 1/2″ seam all the way around all sides.  No turning whole needed.  Huh?  Yes, no turning whole needed, just keep on sewing till you get back to where you started.  Now, fold in half and cut into two 7″ strips.  Trim the corners, turn, and press.  See!  Easy tabs!

Time to make the cape!  Place your two sides right sides together.  The letter should be on the inside.  You can pin it, but I like to live dangerously so I just held it together as I went.  You probably should pin the tabs on at the corners of the neck though, leaving a little of the ends extending past the edge and the finished ends tucked to the inside between the two pieces of cape.  (It will look like it has little ears.)  Using a 5/8″ seam allowance, I started at about 2″ from one tab in the neck section and back stitched several times over the tabs to reinforce them.  Continue all the way around and back stitch again at the second tab stopping just past it.  DON”T CLOSE THE WHOLE!!  Trim the corners, turn and press.  Now you can close the whole and attach the Velcro to the tabs.

TA DA!! Capes!!

Heroes for the Day

Heroes for the Day

Yes, it looks like they are peeing into the fireplace.  But, hey, they are superheroes and some times that means putting out fires!  Thanks for hanging in there with me through this one.  It is my first tutorial, and next time I will take pictures along the way so you can see what the heck I’m talking about!

Until next time!


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