Busy May

This month has probably been busy for us all.  What with the school year coming to an end, birthdays (me!), vacations, and all that other normal stuff.  Well, my sewing bug has bitten me.  HARD!!  The only problem, I have been busy getting other things done and researching what I want to sew, that I haven’t had much time for it.

That isn’t entirely true.  I managed to make a nice tote bag for Buddy’s teacher but I didn’t take any pictures.  Doh!  And I made a new high chair cover for Goldilocks.  The original one was 6 years old and had started coming apart in some places after a washing during Happy’s use.  She loves to chew/suck on the strings.  Bleh!!  She also does this to my hair, too.  Bleh bleh!!  So instead of fixing the old one, which would have been the super easy thing to do, I made a new one out of left over fabric from making the tote bag.  Love it!!  But I made it a little too small.  Boo!!  Oh well.  Live and learn.  I’ll just have to fix it in June.

The old high chair cover

The old high chair cover

The new (smaller) high chair cover

The new (smaller) high chair cover

I got the floral fabric from Hobby Lobby and the brown fabric from Wally World.  I did end up fixing the old one just in case I wasn’t super happy with the new one.  It may never make it back onto the chair.

In addition to this little project, Buddy graduated from Kindergarten!  He was blessed with a great teacher and a wonderful teachers aid.  They even had a parent appreciation snack the other day.  It was so much fun.  She had a little photo booth area with fake mustaches and lips on sticks.  It was such a nice gesture and I so appreciated it.  I’ve had fun making special treats for the class throughout the year and I’m looking forward to doing the same for first grade!  Thursday was their actual last day of school and this is when they did their awards day for the whole school.  It goes pretty quickly when there are just over 110 students from K-12.  I think the 9th grade consisted of all boys.  I kid you not.  And from best I could tell, most all the students were on the honor roll.  So proud of Buddy making high honor roll!  Mr. Smarty Pants!

Buddy Bear the Kindergarten Graduate

After school, I took the kids to the Birmingham Zoo.  They have a dinosaur exhibit until July 21st that I knew the boys had to see.  Happy is happy, but he is also nervous about new things.  Very nervous.  Very, very nervous.  I wish I had a cameral rolling because I could have made some coin from a few of these moments!!  This exhibit is animatronic so the dinosaurs move. They don’t move a ton, but they move none the less.  And they have sounds.  Happy’s favorite dino is a brachiosaurus and this was the first dinosaur.  He was so excited to see it!!  Until it moved.  Then he freaked out screaming that it was going to get him.  LOL!!!  Yeah, I know, mom shouldn’t laugh at that, but it was funny!!  He was fine once I told him they weren’t real and gave him a big comfy hug.  We trotted along looking for the next dino while Buddy and his cousin were reading the signs.  It was lots of fun.  Until the end.  Now, up to this point the dinos movements were minimal.  There was no way of being touched/hurt by them unless you were not where you should be.  On this side of the path railing.  These last little honeys were a different story.  They spit.  And there was a sign.  And a wet path.  And Happy decided to stand across from one.  And he proceeded to jump up and down and pthhhhh at it.  And at the exact moment of his pthhhhh, it spit.  Oh the hilarity!!  I about never got him to cross to get out!!

All the kids and one cousin from the A-team with a Parasaurolophus at the Birmingham Zoo

All the kids and one cousin from the A-team with a Parasaurolophus at the Birmingham Zoo

That is one of those things that you will never forget.  That you will carry over into his adulthood.  It will always be talked about at reunions, or birthdays, or social gatherings.  It will be a “Mom please don’t tell the dinosaur story in front of her.  Please!” kind of memory.  Ahh, parenthood.  I love it.   If I had been pregnant I might have peed my pants!  But I’m not pregnant so I just laughed really hard.

Now that school is over, my next two weeks are full of vacation, doctors appointments, VBS, 3 birthdays, and some where in there making a dress for Goldilocks.  So excited about that!!!  My first dress to make for my daughter!!!  😀  I’ll show you when I’m done.

Mama Bear out!

Update!  I told you Buddy’s teacher was great!  She sent me a picture of the bad I made for her!  I got the pattern here and added a loop for sunglasses and a pocket on the inside for keys.  I also only did one outside pocket.  Thanks for a great year Mrs. S!!!

Tote Bag!

Tote Bag!




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