Geranium Love

I like to sew.  It is calming to me.  Even when I have to unpick a seam or I cut something a little (or a lot) off, I still get satisfaction from the whole process.  It’s knowing that I made something with my own hands for someone or myself that makes me happy.  In the past, I have mostly sewn quilts and curtains.  I even made the crib bumpers when I was pregnant with Buddy Bear.  Now they are being used in Goldilocks crib. 🙂  I also made 2 dresses.  Both for myself and both when the hubs was out of town.  I sew when I miss him.  It keeps my mind off of him not being next to me.  After that experience, I’ve decided I don’t want to make clothes for myself.  Lately, I’ve been sewing stuff for the kids like their capes and poufs.  And I’ve also made several bags for the little gals in my life.  I need to make some more because they are so cute and easy!

Henry's Quilt

Happy’s Quilt


I stumbled upon a blog last year or the year before, while browsing through Pinterest.  Can one really browse through Pinterest?  I mean really, it’s like a vacuum!!  Open that website and I’m sucked in!  But I found this blog, Craftiness is Not Optional and immediately fell in love.   I thought I could find something cute to make my nieces and the clothes she makes for her daughters are right up my alley.  And her girls.  Oh my heavens the cuteness cannot be contained!!  Little pigtails and chunky cheeks!  Adorable!  Anywho.  Several of the dresses she made were from a pattern called Geranium Dress by Made by Rae.  I knew I had to make one for Goldilocks.

Well, the last two days (only a few hours total) I have been cranking out a geranium dress for her.  I was so excited to be making my daughter a dress I could hardly contain my excitement!  Today I added the last detail of the buttons and got to show her off to daddy when he got home.

Goldilocks sporting her Geranium Dress top.

Goldilocks sporting her Geranium Dress top.

I wanted it to be a dress, but I obviously misread something in the instructions.  Oops.  And to top it off, I used the same pattern to cut out another dress/top already.   Oh well, at least she will have two cute tops!  I love this pattern for the versatility it  has.  It can be a dress or a top, cap sleeves or ruffle sleeves or no sleeves, pocket or no pocket, three collar treatments, gathered skirt or pleated.  The possibilities are endless!  Like Jess from Craftiness, I added the Peter Pan collar.  This was not part of the original pattern so I had to draft my own pattern from Jess’s nice little tutorial.  First ever for me!  This dress was easy to construct and the instructions included color pictures which is fabulous!  Needless to say, I will be making many geranium dresses in the future.

Geranuim Love


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