June Been Gone For A Long Time

Oh, there you are!  I told you June was going to be busy!  We had a great little vacation to the beach, then we had VBS,  Goldilocks was dedicated, and then we went to a family reunion.  We also went on a camping trip with some very missed friends.  On top of all that I have been doing some sewing!

We went to the beach with the Bear’s parents, Ma Maw & Pa Paw.  It was a great way start to the summer.  The first afternoon there, we go down to the beach so the boys can see the water and play in the sand.  Happy is a big chicken.  He got knocked down by the first wave and would not go near the water again.  He would get as far as the beach chairs and umbrellas and stop.  All he wanted to do was play in the sand with his construction site which was fine by me.  One less kid to watch near the water.  Huggy was the opposite.  He got knocked down by the first wave, got up, and started to charge the next one.  All the kids wanted to do all weekend was play in the sand or in the pool.  That makes for a great relaxing-ish vacation. Oh, and the Bear and I got to celebrate our birthdays while we were there.  Thank you Ma maw & Pa paw for giving us a night out!!


The day after we got back from the beach VBS started.  This was an amazing week.  It was fun.  It was a blessing.  It was transformative.  I cannot thank our children’s minister enough for asking me to help out.  She does an awesome job of making things fun and interesting for the kids, like crazy hair day.  She made the act of the offering a challenge, too.  Who could give more, boys or girls.  Everyday during the class rotation, the kids would learn about missions.  This year, instead of each day focusing on a different missionary around the world, they were told about a specific mission that the offering would be going to help.  Haiti’s Eden.  I think this made it personal for the kids because by the end of day three, these fantastic kids gave more than had ever been given in any one VBS.  The boys lagged all week but pulled it out on Friday to win.  In all, these kids donated over $2000 for Haiti’s Eden.  Two-Thousand Dollars y’all!!!  On top of this, there were 49 kids who asked God into their hearts.  I almost cried like a baby.  Like a said, this was an amazing week.

IMG_1675   IMG_1672

After VBS was over, we finally had Goldilocks dedicated.  Here she is with her Ma maw.  The dress she is wearing was made by a lady they go to church with.  She did all this by hand.  Smocking included.  Gorgeous dress!


The following weekend we went to a family reunion.  My FIL is the youngest of 9 and they all try to get together every year or so.  I thinks it’s been a few years since the last one so it was really nice to see them again.  When Honey Bear and I first started dating, I went to his family reunion with him.  It was there, in the bathroom, that his Aunt Ann tells me that I was the answer to her prayers.  I was so confused.  All I could eek out was a meek little “oh, ok, thanks”.  She was a beautiful woman and I am so glad she prayed for me and that I got to know her while she was on this earth.  This is our little branch of the family.  The Bear’s sister also has four kids, three boys then one girl, just not as close in age as ours.


Lastly, we had a really nice time camping with some friends.  We went to Raccoon Mountain Campgrounds in Chattanooga, TN.  A couple of friends brought their pop-up camper and we stayed in one of the cabins.  I guess you could say we went “glamping”.  It worked out great though with all the bitty ones.  We always wanted to do something like this and always talked about doing it, but we actually did it this time!! We may need to make this a yearly thing.  One of our friends has a son Buddy’s age and another has a daughter Goldilocks age.  The camp sites were next to the playground and pool so the kids had all the play time they could possibly ask for and more!  Thankfully the weather was great and getting to see many of our friends again was wonderful!  This is our friend getting a dental exam from his daughter.  I think she found a cavity in there some where. 😛


 Yeah, I told you June was going to be busy.  I did do lots of sewing too but that will have to be another post.  I am so thankful that I got to experience everything I did in June.  July started out busy with the forth and all, but it should be an uneventful month.  I need to rest up before school starts in August!


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