Log Jam

It’s that time again!  Time to get the kiddos wardrobe ready for fall. I don’t hate this time, but I don’t enjoy it either. I have to sort through each child’s clothes. That’s five wardrobes that need attention. FIVE! It can be a daunting task. Are they ready for the next size? Is this in season? Can they still wear it now that it has gone through several other kids? Hand-me-downs are a life saver in our house. I have already gone through Mister E and Doll Face’s clothes and moved them up a size. Next up are the older boys. That should be fun trying to keep all the sizes in order.

While I was going through Doll Face’s clothes I pulled out everything I have ever made for her. I even went back and pulled out the smaller sizes I had put away last time. So now it’s in a pile on my sewing chair waiting for me to decide what I’m going to do with it. Should I keep them? Should I sell them? I don’t know. I leaning towards keeping them. I’m too sentimental to get rid of them. My goal this week is to press it all and take pictures to share. I hate ironing but everything is all wrinkly since it’s been in a box for several months. Here’s a peek at what’s in the stack:

Geranuim Love

Geranium TopSunday Picnic - Geranium Dress

Family Reunion Dress

Oh and this dress. This dress is one of my favorites!  I’ll have to do a post just on this one dress cause I love it so. I’m sad that she has out grown it. It is certainly staying in this house!

Until next time, Mama Bear out!


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