Game Day Dress

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Around here, college football is huge. HUGE I tell ya! Once you cross the border to reside permanently in this state, you are almost required to declare which team you are supporting. While I grew up pseudo-supporting The Ohio State Buckeyes, (my grandfather played football there, Go Bucks!) my hubby is a Alabama fan all the way. As such, our children are almost required to have their own game day attire. This is easy for the boys, especially since I have 7 years worth of boys clothes that inevitably include at least one Alabama shirt in each size. But Doll Face is a different story. Our budget can be tight and new, pre-made clothes sometimes don’t fit in. Or I just don’t find anything I like. So I went to my fabric stash and found some hounds tooth and some red knit fabric and decided to design a dress for her. Whoa there!! Designing my own dress!?! Yep, I sure am. I’m taking a big leap and doing something I’ve only read about on blogs. I never thought I would be sewing sans a pre-made pattern, but here I go!!

I had an idea of what I wanted the dress to look like and I sketched out a plan. I scoured my existing patterns to see what I could hack and searched Pinterest for more inspiration. Much to my surprise, I discovered an adult dress with the same general idea I had for the dress!

DSC_0585 (2)

Now I had my pattern for hacking, a general tutorial for construction, and a plan. I used the Flashback Skinny Tee from Made-by-Rae for the top, and, of course, there were a few modifications. I was going to add a little gather at the neck and the top of the sleeves for a little feminine touch, but instead I changed the collar and added a ruffle similar to the Pinterest dress.

DSC_0586 (2)

I also cut the bottom 6″ off the shirt and added a 3″ band of black knit to mimic a sash. I wanted the waist to be a bit higher than where the shirt fell.

DSC_0632 (2)

When I drew up my sketch, I couldn’t decide how to construct the skirt. Should I pleat the skirt or just gather it? While gathering it would be quick and easy and certainly less stressful, I really wanted a box pleat. I fiddled around with it until I got it where I liked it, which took what felt like forever. I attached the top and the skirt and had Doll Face try it on. The top was great but the box pleats were not working for me, so I undid the whole thing and gathered it instead. This was a good idea since the pleat did not allow for the stretch in the knit like the gather does.

DSC_0614 (2)

Finally, I added a decorative stitch to the hem and that was it! I may add another row just to make it show up a little more.

DSC_0604 (2)

I did it! I made a dress that I thought of all by my lonesome and I love it! I like that there are no fasteners on this dress. It just slips on over her head. I’m so happy with how it turned out and now Doll Face has her own, one of a kind, made by mommy, game day dress!

DSC_0593 (2)

DSC_0616 (2)

Roll Tide, y’all!

Mama Bear


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