It’s Been Scary Around Here!

I have been a very busy lady lately! After a very busy birthday season, I made this Olaf quilt from Shwin & Shwin for an auction, sewed some dresses for my nieces, and I had to get started on Halloween costumes.

Olaf QuiltBusy Lizzy Dress

Side note: I cannot, and I mean cannot, spell Halloween with out singing this song. It’s seriously the only way I can remember how it is spelled.  I literally sing this song in my head as I spell. Thank you 1st grade for this and my hate of Green Bay. Sorry Green Bay fans.

Any who, I asked the kids awhile back what they wanted to be for Halloween knowing full well that I would be sewing a costume, and Paw Patrol won. And it won big. Doll Face wanted to be Skye, Big T wanted to be Ryder, and Happy wanted to be Marshall. Paw Patrol

I’m so thankful that Happy decided to be a Nuni Nuni NG Turtle (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) instead since his Mamaw got him a shell and mask for his birthday. With that and his shell shirt, he was set! One down, four to go!

Happy Turtle

First up, Big T as Ryder. Only problem is that you can’t find a Ryder costume. Ryder is the main human character on Paw Patrol and the only costumes I have seen have been of the pups. So I had to make one and this is where the fun started. I used the Lizzy Peplum pattern (free!) from Shwin & Shwin. But this is a girls jacket? Not any more! This jacket was also designed to be a knit jacket and I wanted to use twill. Twill does not stretch like knit so I went up a size to give me more room. I should have gone up two, but it still works. When I traced my pattern for the jacket, I included the length of the peplum, and found out later that I didn’t need to do that. I also narrowed the top of the sleeve to remove the gather. The original pattern did not include a collar so I pirated one from another patter. I’m so sneaky. Ha!  To finish it off I added cuffs, a bottom band, and pockets, but those are faux. All in all, I really like the way it fits Big T.

Big T Ryder

Now miss Doll Face. Her costume was the easy peasy! I spent a total of 20 minutes making this. I’ve never made something that quick, but there isn’t much detail involved in this one. My sister sent her an outfit for her birthday that had a pink hooded vest and I knew it would be perfect for Skye. I made up a “jet pack” out of some scrap pink and grey fabrics. It wears like a back pack with ribbon straps and the wings have an elastic loop to go over her wrists.  Stretch those arms out and that pups gotta fly!

Skye Wings

Bubby Bear was General Grievous. Again. For the 3rd year in a row. This was not his choice and I feel bad for him, he wanted to be Anakin Skywalker but he didn’t tell me in enough time to make him anything. I’m just thankful the costume still fit and he didn’t complain one bit. Next year Buddy, you’ll be the first one done. I promise.

General Grievous

Mister E doesn’t need candy and would be wearing a jacket anyway, so I put him in his geek onesie and jeans. I was a bad mommy and didn’t take any pictures the night of our Trunk-or-Treat so I took all these yesterday. Thankfully they love wearing their costumes and didn’t pitch a fit. Now to turn an old coat into a coat for Doll Face.



Mama Bear


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