Old Coat/New Coat

Brrr!  It’s cold around here!  What ever happened to Fall?! I think I say that every year. I love Fall and it never seems to last long enough. I love the slightly cool air and cuddling under a blanket. And who doesn’t love jumping into a pile of leaves! But man it has gotten cold, and rather windy, fast! And miss Doll Face needs a winter coat. Fast!

I could go spend about 20 bucks and get her a coat from the store. Or I could spend $9 and make one myself. So that’s what I did. I bought the Michelle Jacket pattern from Shwin & Shwin a few weeks ago and now I needed to put it to use. I’ve been making a lot of stuff from them lately, mainly because there are so many free patterns. Secondly, because, well, I like the patterns offered. Plus they are all named after Beatles songs! Umm, yes!! I’m in!


When the weather started to turn cold (too fast for my liking) I had to do some thinking. Wait until I can get to the “big” fabric store or refashion something? I couldn’t wait and I happened to have this coat that I wasn’t wearing anymore.

Old Coat

This medium coat was just enough to get a size 2T. The pattern has some really cute peek-a-boo pockets, but I decided to keep the pockets already on the old coat. Why make more work for myself if I don’t have too. I used sweet aqua and white polka dot fabric for the lining.

Coat Lining

The existing pockets have a zipper closure and a seam that extends the length of the coat on the respective sides. This created a bit of a dilemma. The Michelle Jacket has some really cute box pleats on each side of the coat and on the sleeves. But because of the seams in the original coat, I had to omit them and cut about 1″ from the sides of each piece. For the sleeves, I just added 2 small pleats instead of the box pleat.

Jacket Pleats

The hood wasn’t supposed to be edged with the lining fabric. This was a happy accident that I really like.  After closing up the coat and turning it right-side out I discovered that the original seam on the hood was too thick to turn under, creating the edged hood.


I only added two of the four buttons because of the existing pockets. These were the only buttons I had that were big enough and didn’t clash. I think I’ll leave it this way.


To finish off the coat, I added this cute little face. Little stinker. 🙂


Coat Front


Coat Back

Mama Bear!


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