It’s That Time Of Year

What happened to fall?! It has been in the low 70’s this week and it is not helping me get into the Christmas spirit.  We did put the tree up the other day. Last year we started a new tradition of letting the kids decorate the tree. I bought some plastic ball ornaments and tied some ribbon to them for hanging. So when it came to decorating, I just dumped them on the floor and let the kids at it. No hooks to loose or worry about. Since they can’t reach that high, most all of the ornaments are hung low on the tree. We do put some fragile ornaments on the tree way out of reach, but we haven’t pulled that box out of the attic yet. (If you didn’t read fragile like fra-gee-ley, then you need to go watch A Christmas Story a few hundred times more). We also add anything they make at school.

Kids and Tree O Christmas Tree

I also wanted to do something a little more interactive for advent. In the past I would find a chocolate advent calendar for each kid. Each day they would open a window and behind would be a piece of chocolate they would pop out and eat. That was it. So I went to Pinterest (shock!) and found several really cute advent calendars and settled on two. The first one is focused on the story of Christmas with bible verses. Every evening, one of us reads all the cards up to that day. So today, we read days 1-4. Then I tape them to the fridge so that when we are done it will be a tree shape. (This is huge for me. I hate things on my fridge.) The second one is just for fun, but I like the look of it much more. I painted a magnetic chalk board on a narrow wall a few years ago and knew this would be the perfect spot for this calendar. After I printed everything out and assembled the pieces, I taped some craft twine to the wall and tied each ornament to the string. In between the rows I had just enough space to write a bible verse.

Advent Joke Calendar

Now my focus is turning to sewing. Doll Face and I made a trip to the fabric store the other day. I love fabric shopping. There are so many pretty fabrics and I would love to have them all, but alas, my budget says no. I’m not sure who enjoyed the trip more, me or her. At least she figured out how the umbrella works.

Little Miss Sunshine

Merry Christmas y’all!

Mama Bear


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