Life With A Bear

Life With A Bear

It’s January and that’s when those New Year’s resolutions are kept the best right? I must be on a roll because I just made a little change to this here blog. I like my little blog, but I was not satisfied with the web address. It wasn’t what I really wanted when I started out and it didn’t reflect the true nature of my blog, even through it’s few incarnations. So let’s shake things up a bit, shall we?

I purchased a domain! A what? A web site, silly!

So now, if you want to find this charming little blog of mine, just use my new web address. The old address will still bring you here, but this is more in line with what is going on around this place. I have to give the credit for the name to my dearest hubby. He is my Honey Bear and with all of our little cubs, it was very fitting. That’s also why this is called “The Bear’s Den”. Eventually, if all goes well, everything will be done through my new domain. I don’t dislike the current blog host, I would just like to be more autonomous. But that’s much, much, much further down the road.

(Funny side note, Honey Bear and I are both sitting here blogging tonight.  Hee hee hee
Ok, so it was only funny to me.  Let’s continue.)

You will also see a change in the look of the Bear’s Den. I haven’t settled on what I want it to look like just yet. It just needs a fresh look. Or I’m having a mid-life crisis. Either way, I’m changing it, so don’t be surprised if it looks different the next time you come back.

But, until then, from the new home of the Bear’s Den,, big ol’ bear hugs!

Mama Bear



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