Moving Through Mud

I have this tug of war going on. I don’t have all day to sew, as nice as that would be, and some evenings I am too exhausted from wrangling 5 kids all day to even think about sewing. Seriously, it’s like a daycare around here some days. But I try, even on nights like tonight when I have a project on my sewing table that is oh so close to being finished, I just feel like my mojo has gone to bed before I’m ready. I have been sewing though. And not just for the kids. I managed to make myself two shirts and a pair of pants that don’t fit! Well, they fit, but there are a few places where they are snug. But now I know where I need to make some adjustments for my next pair.

I think part of my problem is that I see so many awesome patterns that I desperately want to sew, but our budget has been extremely tight, so new patterns aren’t even on my list. Boo!!! I did score a big box of about 40 vintage patterns for $30 the other day so there’s that. I also have a fabric addiction that I shouldn’t feed. I manage to still buy remnants though. I have found some pretty nice stuff in the remnant piles, even at Wally World. I usually look there first then scour the racks for eye candy.

There are a few things I have planned for the next few months. I have a pattern hack tutorial that I think y’all would like and I’m also adding a new section on homeschooling. This will be a new venture for me. I’ll be homeschooling Buddy Bear this year after being in private school the last three years. I am looking forward to seeing how this works for us and I’ll do my best to share our adventure and misadventures. So, until then, I’ll just plug away at the projects on my sewing table and get to planning away for the things down the road.

Good night!

Mama Bear


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