Hidden Gem

About two years ago I inherited an old sewing machine in a table that belonged to my mother-in-law’s mother. Because it had not been used in more than 25 years, I was afraid to use it. So I never really opened it to look at it. All I knew was it was a New Home machine, was old, and green. Avocado green from the 60’s.


I had never heard of New Home so I just passed it off as a small name brand. It did not, however, go completely unused. I have a 20 year old Kenmore machine that I bought brand new right out of high school that had no real home. I have used the kitchen table or a desk in the past. I even resorted to putting it on the floor of my apartment using my knee to drive. My roommate thought I was crazy, but you gotta do what you gotta do. This old sewing table was perfect and my machine finally had a home. I no longer had to use the kitchen table that shook when I was too driving fast.


A little back tracking here. We live in an old house. I mean old. Our house is celebrating its 120th birthday this year. Yeah, that kind old. It’s a farm house but it ain’t tiny. There are three bedrooms and the smallest is 17×19. Most masters are that size in new homes! And that’s the smallest! Since we have 4 boys and they have only started growing, they needed more space for their beds and to play inside, and out of the way. So we swapped rooms. We moved the boys into our 20×20 room and we moved into the small 17×19 room. I joked to my husband that we are adults now since we have a sitting area in our room. We could have had one before, but I had too many things stored on the floor instead of taking it to the attic. The swap helped with that part.

When I was moving my sewing machines, I decided to dust it off a little and check out the inside finally. I did, after all, have my machine sitting on top for the past two years.  I laid out both leafs and lifted up the green monster sleeping inside. As I was looking at it I found the manufacturers plate and that’s when I got excited. New Home was a brand of Janome. WHAT?! I had a Janome machine sitting under my nose, literally, for the past two years and I didn’t even know it! DOH!


My husband reminded me that while his grandfather was tight fisted, he was not going to waist money on a cheap machine. I’m still too afraid to turn it on before I get it serviced. It’s missing the owners manual, but I still have the parts list and the pattern cams for making decorative stitches. Now I have to learn how to thread this vintage machine and get to sewing!


Here’s to some happy sewing!!

Mama Bear